Investigative Case Management

Respond to, report on, and investigate cases with a solution that gives you the tools you need for true collaboration and access to information so you can take action.

Don’t let an aging system hinder your investigation

Investigative agencies require robust, accurate, and auditable case management software to perform their duties accurately and with adherence to regulatory oversight. Working with outdated legacy systems can not only slow you down, but can actually hinder your investigations and expose you to unnecessary risk.

AKA’s Investigative Case Management, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is an end-to-end enterprise solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. Investigative Case Management enables security operations and investigations to collaborate and share incident information and reporting, identify trends, take action, and reduce risk.

Collaboration and better access to data arms your investigators

With tools for enhanced collaboration on cases, maintaining complete case histories, and instant access to all related information, investigators are better equipped to do their jobs.

Powerful dashboard reporting and a custom report writing feature give you real-time data on case status and trends while leveraging our flexible workflow process engine to assist in guiding investigators to capture information throughout the process. With the ability to integrate to virtually any application, Investigative Case Management can share data with systems to help deliver meaningful insights and information.

Investigative Case Management assists with investigating Fraud, Compliance, Security, Employee Relations, Ethics, Privacy, and Health & Safety issues. With tools for enhanced collaboration on cases, maintaining complete case histories, and instant access to all related information, investigators are better equipped to do their jobs.

A true enterprise investigative case management CRM solution

Investigative Case Management provides a powerful case management tool for Offices of Investigation, General Councils, law enforcement agencies and others responsible for handling case investigations. Investigative agencies benefit from this powerful solution’s ability to automate aspects of the case process workflow, assign, reroute, and escalate cases, integrate case information across multiple data sources, and provide real-time case analysis.

Investigators benefit from easier access to information relevant to their case, which translates into increased productivity, better collaboration, more timely information delivery, and simplified reporting. Investigators can use Investigative Case Management to create case or complaint records and improve the management of information regarding acts of fraud or abuse, criminal activities, and threats.

Investigative Case Management also leverages the document management power of Microsoft SharePoint, giving agencies the ability to store all critical case documents and templates and making it easy for employees to search for and retrieve relevant information. The solution provides an enterprise search functionality to find any record in the system, as well as an ad-hoc reporting tool that allows for exports to Excel and other formats for detailed data analysis. Employees can track communication rapidly across multiple channels, such as email, web, phone, and fax.

Easy to configure and integrate

Investigative Case Management can be configured to track any additional data of particular interest to an agency. Data such as Case Staff, Allegations, Notes, Leads, Suspects, Incidents, Offenses, Evidence, and Locations are pre-configured to track data and relationships among the different entities. Individual suspects can be evaluated independently of cases to assess the threat they pose in isolation. Each file can be updated to include additional information, such as associated Activities, Notes, Addresses, and Attachments.

The Dynamics CRM platform provides an extensible web service layer, so it can be easily integrated with other case investigation tools. Investigative Case Management provides an optional web portal that extends its functionality outside the agency for collaborating with external users.

Regulatory compliance and interagency integration

In addition to benefits to organizational collaboration and workflow, an advantage of Investigative Case Management is the seamless integration it provides with other agencies, the Office of the Inspector General, and Grand Jury requirements:

  • Can be customized for digital signature using a third party tool such as DocuSign or others
  • Enables lockdown of records for Grand Jury 6(e) requirements
  • Allows search by every field within CRM and, with some customization, enables global search of all documents within SharePoint for general search or FOIA requests, including date range query
  • Enables implementation of disposition and retention policies for documents and records
  • Provides automatic audit trails, logged and viewable within CRM
  • Enables use by other OIG functional areas by leveraging the Dynamics CRM platform architecture
  • Allows administrative users to perform configurations to add fields and forms/screens
  • Allows finite role-based permission levels by field, record, and form level among other permissions.
  • With web services, Dynamics CRM can connect to external databases within OIG or externally

Support and integration with Microsoft products

By leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Investigative Case Management provides integration with Microsoft Office products and continued support from one of the largest software manufacturers in the world. Dynamics CRM offers the following benefits:

  • Pre-built with integration between Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office
  • Can be implemented on-premise or in a cloud for future flexibility
  • For tablets, Dynamics CRM is supported on Windows and iOS-based tablets, and the web application is supported in Android
  • Provides a modern platform backed by one of the largest software providers
  • Upgrades provided by Microsoft to keep pace with technology and Software Assurance (which OIG has) provides rollups and version upgrades at no additional charge
  • Microsoft provides a Software Development Kit for custom business logic, plug-ins, integration modules, custom workflow modules, and more

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