Elections Case Management

Provide fast, efficient response to voters and support staff to keep the polls running smoothly on election days. AKA optimizes CRM for electoral board support.

Keep the polls running smoothly on the most important day of the year 

Election day is a big responsibility. Ensuring the polls run smoothly requires a tremendous amount of coordination. Support staff needs to be appropriately based on volume at polling centers, equipment must be operational—even parking needs to be monitored. Electoral boards need to make sure everything is in place to ensure voters can get to the polls and vote, and they need election systems and software  to help track and address issues quickly, before they become barriers to voting.

Regardless of the issue—from malfunctioning voting machines to understaffed polling places—Elections Case Management is the election system will help you accelerate its resolution.

AKA’s Elections Case Management utilizes the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide election software that supports electoral boards and support staff track election day incidents, providing help desk support, case management, mapping, and mobile solutions for real-time incident tracking—and at a budget-friendly price .

Ensure your staff has the support they need 

With Elections Case Management, you can more effectively manage calls and requests from poll workers and voters, equipping your support staff with information to answer questions quickly, or as needed, re-route or escalate calls to the appropriate staff for resolution. Regardless of the issue—from malfunctioning voting machines to understaffed polling places—Elections Case Management is the election system will help you accelerate its resolution.

Elections Case Management also includes heat map functionality, which visually displays precincts having issues so you can address them quickly. You can determine levels of intensity by color: for example, red is a critical issue that must be addressed immediately, yellow is an issue of concern but not as critical, and so on.

With Elections Case Management, you get:

  • Complete incident case management tracking and reporting for election day support
  • An easy way for your support staff to capture information quickly and accurately
  • Ability to track events and activities leading up to and post-election day
  • Poll worker management and reporting
  • Mapping and mobile capabilities for tracking incidents and responses in real time
  • Robust reporting, including classifying by type of incident or issue

Use Elections Case Management as your help desk on election day and beyond 

Elections Case Management can work for you well beyond election day. It’s also an excellent help desk solution for everyday constituent support. Microsoft Dynamics CRM features make it easy for your support staff to field calls regarding voter registration, polling places—anything your constituents might be concerned about throughout the year.

In addition, as your support staff logs and addresses these questions, you can run reports on them to determine if you should send out information to constituents or add information to your website addressing frequently asked questions. You might also uncover areas in which you can improve efficiencies in your processes by identifying patterns in constituent questions and issues.

Take advantage of the cloud

Elections Case Management is available as a solution in the Microsoft cloud, requiring very little technology infrastructure, so it’s easier on your budget and resources. The only thing you have to do is keep your information up to date—everything else is taken care of for you.

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