Enterprise Grants Management

Manage, track, and report on the grant process, from initial solicitation through close-out. AKA helps simplify the grant management process for both grantor and grantee.

Grant management software that simplifies the process

Managing grants is a key function of government agencies. Populations and programs depend on these funds. But the process of managing grants is complex, requiring grant management software that can help both grantors and grantees manage it more efficiently.

AKA’s Enterprise Grants Management supports the complete lifecycle of the grant management process, from application to close-out. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Enterprise Grants Management provides complete contact management, process and activity management, grant management, and project management.

Enterprise Grants Management is a simplified and cost effective alternative to the complex and costly multi-product and development approach.

Automating to maximize workflow processes

A fully integrated system, Enterprise Grants Management is a simplified and cost effective alternative to the complex and costly multi-product and development approach. Designed to be tailored to your agency’s grant processes, it helps you streamline grant management tasks to stay on time and within budget while freeing you up to evaluate solicitations and distribution of funds.

You can use the Enterprise Grants Management to:
  • Automate grants management to simplify processes and reduce errors and delays
  • Customize workflows to efficiently assign and track tasks and responsibilities
  • Manage grantee’s organizational information
  • Manage grantor’s reviewer and award information
  • Generate ad-hoc reports and dashboards to streamline operational and strategic communications
  • Create a cloud website or integrate with your existing site to utilize your current investment
  • Increase transparency through expanded communication

Advanced functionality includes:

Grant applicant management. Maintain data about each grantee, including multiple address types and points of contact as well as application history, aiding in the analysis of trends.

Award management. Manage and phase out funds for a grant after it has been awarded, including administering and monitoring payments and deliverables over multiple years.

Proposal management. Manage proposals, team members, vendors, and contacts, with all information on new, approved and rejected proposals maintained and categorized for easy reviewing and auditing.

Instant access to information. Simplify grants management tasks, eliminate duplicate entries, and increase the efficiency of grantor agencies with interactive dashboards that give you multiple views into the grant management process—by grant, solicitation, or application. Users can access, aggregate, view, compare, and analyze operational and interdependent information using powerful analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Key performance metrics can be customized for the unique requirements of each agency.

Flexible reporting. Easily build new custom reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Outlook email integration is also included for many functions, such as applicant notifications and correspondence.

Wizard-driven framework. Simplify and streamline the sequencing and auditing tasks needed to support the grant management and workflow process. A Review Group Wizard, a Project Scoring Wizard and an Award Wizard walk you through the sequential and interdependent steps needed to finish the task.

Mailing lists and data exports. Create user-defined as well as system-wide custom mailing lists easily for both email and postal mail. Export the data to an Excel spreadsheet or any character delimited file to help you better manage bulk communication and system integration.

External interfaces. Grantor agencies can increase transparency and enhance communication by publishing information to grant applicants and other constituents. Enterprise Grants Management supports open standards, such as XML and Web Services, so you can integrate the solution to interact with existing accounting systems and servers.

Grants.gov. Exports data in a format that is compatible with the federal website Grants.gov.

Data and metrics storage. Grantors can improve efficiency and business rules by utilizing the historical and operational data stored in the system. Full exploration and analysis of data, combined with related KPIs and metrics, provides a broader view of a program’s success and impact.

Workflow automation. Automate both simple and complex processes with notification to all participants. The comprehensive log of activities tracked in workflows helps you establish accountability in accordance with your agency guidelines.

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