CRM for the Public Sector

You want to give the best service possible to your customers, citizens, and constituents. AKA can help you deliver, with proven case management tools and know-how.

What do you need to deliver a positive customer experience every time, while easing the burden on hard working staff?

When you work for the public, you have a responsibility to them to provide services in a professional, timely manner. That’s not an easy job when you’re dealing with thousands of cases, often with limited resources. Nevertheless, delivering a consistently positive experience to your citizens or constituents is the goal.

AKA has worked with organizations to deliver CRM for the public sector since 2010, so we’ve developed solutions that give you the tools that make the job easier and increase productivity.

  • Citizens Engagement – Enables public-facing offices of government to manage citizen interaction, from the initial request through resolution, with pre-built reporting for senior leadership.
  • Youth & Community Development – Helps community based organizations engage and deliver quality programming while giving government entities tools to effectively monitor and report on participation and outcomes.
  • Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring – An easily configurable call center platform that enables fast response to an outbreak, helping you efficiently track and monitor outbreaks to keep them from becoming epidemics.
  • Call Center Case Management – Leverages Dynamics CRM Unified Desktop and Parature solutions implemented for commercial customers to assist federal, state and local governments.
  • Public Sector Case Management – Simplify case management and provide better service with specialized case management solutions.
  • Health & Human Services Case Management – Disparate systems create silos of information that can lead to disjointed and fragmented care for health and human services (HHS) agencies. Health and Human Services Case Management helps bridge the gap among HHS agencies, external organizations and other social programs to provide case workers with a comprehensive understanding of citizen needs.
  • Elections Case Management – Supports Electoral boards and support staff track election day incidents, providing case management, mapping and mobile solutions for real-time incident tracking.
  • Investigative Case Management – Enables compliance capture and tracking, agent assignment and the investigation process of criminal and administrative allegations.
  • Enterprise Grants Management – Supports the complete lifecycle of the grant management process from Application to Closeout. Provides Contact, Award Management, Performance Management, and Project Management supporting the entire grant process for both grantor and grantee.

Get a proven, configured case management solution to propel service levels

It’s your job to manage important information about the people you serve so you can efficiently coordinate services to meet their needs. We have deep experience working in the public sector and understand the unique challenges and needs that come with it.

Building solutions based on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have worked with governments from the local to federal level, public service agencies, and more, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of the Treasury, Department of Health and Human Services, and Fairfax County, Virginia. We have also worked with private healthcare organizations, including the Neighborhood Health Plan and Beth Israel Hospital.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The ideal solution to help you serve

As with all areas of the private sector, your constituent or citizen should be the center of your universe. People are demanding faster, more convenient service, from phone interactions to social media. But you also have real constraints to deal with—tight budgets and limited resources, to name a few. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideally suited for the needs of the public sector, getting you to that client-centric model, delivering a better client experience, and helping your people operate more efficiently and effectively.

We are not just a contractor taking orders. We have the knowledge and the resources to be a partner that can work side by side with you to help you meet your goals.

Make everyone’s job easier—while providing great service

You can’t provide good service if your people are hindered by the systems they’re working with. Multiple systems—many of them antiquated—that don’t integrate make it difficult to enter, manage, and share information, slowing everything down and making it harder to serve. CRM for the Public Sector breaks down the silos of information and consolidates line of business applications and infrastructure onto a modern, centralized platform that connects systems and people, streamlining the ability to execute tasks, communicate across departments and agencies, and access and report on vital information. This centralized platform also delivers ROI by reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Why AKA?

Experts in the public sector, experts in CRM, satisfied constituents, citizens, and customers

At AKA, we have experience and expertise in the public sector, and we have the same expertise in CRM technology as well as other Microsoft Dynamics solutions. We understand how they can be applied to help you use your resources to their fullest, satisfying the people you serve while meeting your other goals.

Experience and credentials you can trust

We take our jobs seriously and know how important it is to have the right credentials to keep projects moving. We have experience working with federal government security and privacy policies, such as FISMA, HIPAA, PHI, PII, as well as 508 accessibility compliance standards. Our consultants have successfully received Authority to Operate (ATOs) from VA, HHS and DoT for solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

A belief in the power of relationships

We implement software solutions, but we believe our strength is in our relationships with our clients. We are not just a contractor taking orders. We have the knowledge and the resources to be a partner that can work side by side with you. We listen to you and get to know your issues. With that knowledge, we use our expertise, experience, and agility—our ability to think outside the box—to give you a solution that will meet your requirements and continue delivering ROI.

We deliver...and we have the track record to prove it

AKA has successfully delivered CRM solutions in the public sector to agencies and organizations that have resulted in helping millions of people. We understand how to work within your framework, and we know how important it is to stay within scope, time, and budget. Our track record shows that our project and resource planning, along with our technical and industry skills, are the reason we have a reputation for keeping projects on track and meeting requirements, regardless of complexity.

What's Next

Health and Human Services Case Management

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Investigative Case Management

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Enterprise Grants Management

Make tracking and managing grants easier for grantors and grantees so you can focus on serving populations in need

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Citizens Engagement

Keep the people you serve informed, involved, and satisfied

Be a better public servant

Elections Case Management

Keep operations running smoothly for voters and workers on election day and beyond

Keep the polls open

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