xRM: CRM as a Platform

Use CRM as an operational platform for all your lines of business

xRM: Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage anything and everything

Most people think of CRM – Customer Relationship Management – software as a way to manage relationships with clients, constituents, patients—people you serve in some way.

xRM is the extension of CRM so that it can be used to manage anything, not just customers. “xRM” gets its name from either “Extended” Relationship Management or, if you think of it in mathematical terms, ‘x’ represents “Anything and Everything.”

AKA can show you how xRM can increase your profits, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so powerful that it can be used  to manage suppliers, employees, partners, assets, knowledge bases…you name it!  It can be used to build line of business applications that allow organizations to track information, automate actions related to it, enable multiple teams to view and edit the information, and analyze data.

So, the only question is what is your organization’s ‘x’— and how can AKA and Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you better manage it?

Taking control of your enterprise’s ‘x’

Every enterprise has an ‘x’ that needs to be better managed. AKA has years of experience leveraging the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its .NET platform to extend the software to make them xRM solutions for large organizations with complex integrations, large numbers of employees, and high volumes of data.

How can your organization use CRM as a platform for your xRM solution?

Healthcare organizations track patients, medications, and treatment plans. Each interaction is recorded, and actions can be automatically triggered based on changes in status. On the other end of the spectrum, real estate companies can track documents, properties, and leases, while event management companies can track venues, costs, and personnel. Any organization with an onboarding process can streamline it with xRM, and companies with customers who subscribe to publications can use xRM for subscription management.

The possibilities are virtually endless.

xRM solutions built using Dynamics CRM as a platform can also facilitate customer call centers to be truly responsive to callers, enabling representatives to have real-time access to information pertinent to the call and scripts to guide the representative to a resolution to the caller’s issue.

In short, xRM can help any organization update and automate their processes—and you get the benefits of a robust CRM solution, including the ability to route, escalate, build in scripts, and get useful reports. Dynamics CRM is also equipped to handle large volumes of data and transactions, so an enterprise can count on its performance.

Why AKA?

If you are interested in how xRM can be used in your organization, AKA can help. We are experts at providing solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, modeling complex processes within the software. Our solutions are found in large companies and government agencies across the US.

We will help you analyze your workflow and assess how xRM can increase your profits, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We understand that each implementation is complex. Our project management team will coordinate the departments and personnel involved to ensure your requirements are met and the system benefits your organization.

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