Sales Force Automation

Keep the pipeline flowing at enterprise speed. AKA can arm your sales force with powerful tools and information they need to drive stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Sales Force Automation CRM solutions for the enterprise

There is difference between managing a sales force and managing a sales force at an enterprise level. They are generally the same—filling the pipeline moving, converting leads into viable opportunities, and building relationships that last. But, in large organizations, every facet of the operation increases exponentially.

You’re coordinating large internal and external sales forces and handling high volumes of leads and opportunities, and many systems are involved. You need a sales force automation solution that will bring these systems together, providing a single, high-performing source to help generate sales and satisfied customers.

The Gartner Group has ranked Dynamics CRM as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. Businesses know the power of Dynamics CRM and what it can do for sales teams.

A true enterprise sales force CRM solution

For large, complex organizations, sales force automation requires special functionality. You need a solution that will provide everything sales force automation has to give, but on an enterprise scale, supporting large team sizes, multiple divisions, large volumes of data, and complex analytics.

The Gartner Group has ranked Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. Businesses know the power of Dynamics CRM and what it can do for sales teams.

AKA builds sales force automation solutions that take the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and turbo-charge them for the enterprise. With an SFA solution from AKA, you’ll get:

  • Integration with telephony systems that handle large call volumes and high user counts
  • A high-performance system that responds instantly—despite high call volume level—with the correct information from sources such as activity reports. This system provides an easy to use, centralized portal that puts everything at the fingertips of your sales staff—not only information, but call scripts and built-in rules (based on your processes) for qualification, escalation, and routing to the appropriate person, based on territory on region.
  • A system whose performance is so efficient that your sales people get everything they need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, decreasing time spent on each prospect or opportunity—and saving you money while you increase the number of qualified leads flowing up to your outside sales force.
  • A system that allows for the level of data security your organization requires—protecting your sales force and the hard work they’ve accomplished.
  • An intelligent system that supports very large quantities of data while enforcing its quality and integrity.
  • Seamless Integration and connection with vital tools and systems including marketing automation, integrating sales with marketing campaigns so leads are assigned to specific call lists and your sales force can see which campaigns they are connected with and respond appropriately with specific scripts.
  • Reporting capabilities that keep executive management in the loop, enabling them to make smart decisions about the workforce. This is especially critical when you’re dealing with thousands of people on your staff.

Why AKA?

At AKA, we understand your choice of an enterprise CRM system is serious business. Each implementation is complex, risky, and has a high profile among the executive leadership. Let’s face it—if something goes wrong, money will be lost.

That’s why AKA is the right choice to partner with your organization on your CRM engagement. We are experts in providing solutions built on Dynamics CRM and have worked with many large enterprises. We understand the complexity of your systems, the unique challenges you face, and the risk you take when they make the decision to embark on an enterprise-wide implementation.

In addition to product and industry knowledge, the key to a successful enterprise implementation is project management. Big implementations need expert project managers who can orchestrate the many departments and people involved. They also need to perform thorough analyses on processes and data from which to build plans that will bring these projects to life with very low risk. We understand the importance of modeling your processes and requirements within your Dynamics CRM platform.

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