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Don’t leave your callers waiting. Let AKA help you manage your call center with reliable CRM software, designed to tackle even the biggest challenges.

Enterprise CRM call center solutions that result in amazing customer service

Managing a call center has its challenges. Keeping employees trained. Depending on multiple systems for information. Making sure that information is easy to access so customers are taken care of efficiently. If you add in lots more users, high turnover, intricate routing rules, multiple channels, and integration with dozens or even hundreds of systems, you have a complex organization in need of an enterprise call center CRM solution that will manage that complexity.

It starts with integration

Giving your call center employees access to information and the ability to quickly and easily update it is key. That requires tight integration with all your systems.  AKA’s Customer Service Call Center solution serves as the foundation that connects all these systems, providing a single point of entry, so your people can get the right answer to the right caller fast.

AKA has the experience and expertise working with large, complex call centers to model your requirements, producing a solution that fits your needs.

Acting as a “smart portal,” it not only provides the information they need to answer questions, but it also uses your scripts to guide your reps to resolution, or when necessary, escalation or re-routing, depending on your company’s rules.

Getting the right data in one place is also critical when it comes to planning for the future. Reporting the right data to executive management helps ensure they are making decisions that will strengthen your workforce rather than hinder it. That’s extremely important when you’re talking about a workforce of thousands.

AKA has the experience and expertise working with large, complex customer service call centers to model your requirements, producing a solution that fits your needs.. Your solution will support complex routing rules and large call volumes, allowing you to maintain performance standards and enforce service level agreements (SLAs), which minimizes cost and improves service.

What about data?

Getting the call to the right person is not enough. The data must be accessible and reliable, or all the integrations and technology available are worthless. AKA’s Customer Service Call Center Solutions are built to handle large amounts of data and designed to let you set rules to enforce data quality and integrity.

Why AKA?

Why is AKA the right choice to partner with you on your call center engagement? We’re experts in providing solutions built on Dynamics CRM. We have architected and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for enterprise-level call centers, providing seamless integration across multiple telephone and software systems. And we’ve handled implementations with terabytes of data, smoothly transitioning from old systems without a single byte of loss.

We understand how much you rely on your CRM system. We have the experience and expertise in project management, business analysis, and process modeling to build a solution that will enable you to consistently deliver the level of service your customers expect.

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