CRM for Enterprises

Manage complex structures, processes, and technologies across large organizations more effectively. AKA helps you take control with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Supporting large, complex organizations and their people, processes, and technology

Like any other business, large organizations are challenged with more effectively managing staff, data, and processes to provide a better customer experience. But for these companies, the level of complexity grows exponentially, with thousands of employees, large volumes of critical data, and dozens or even hundreds of systems that need to work together for staff to do their jobs and keep your business critical operations running smoothly.

On top of these challenges is the high degree of risk and visibility involved in any enterprise initiative. As enterprise CRM specialists, we understand the unique challenges you face. Our Enterprise CRM solutions, built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are designed specifically for large companies with complex processes and more robust needs.

AKA offers the following Enterprise CRM solutions for large, complex companies:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Built for customer satisfaction on an enterprise level

Regardless of your industry, managing relationships with customers and prospects in a large, complex organization is a challenge. You are dealing with multiple departments, large numbers of employees, huge call centers with high call volumes, extremely large amounts of data, and dozens of interconnected systems. You have to make all this work together to deliver an excellent experience to prospects, leads, clients, or customers efficiently.

Enterprise CRM breaks down the silos between systems, enabling your people to do their jobs more effectively.

A 360-view of customers and prospects in one location

As a large organization, you have multiple systems that provide critical processes or information. However, if there is no single way to view or access these systems, they lose their value. Enterprise CRM acts as a single point of entry for all that information in a clear, easy to use format, providing you with a complete view of your prospect, customer, or client. Enterprise CRM breaks down silos and enables your people to do their jobs more effectively.

What are your goals? Enterprise CRM can get you there.

Every business has different goals—expansion, growth, customer/client retention, or managing cases more effectively for continuity of care. Enterprise CRM has the built-in scalability to manage the size and complexity of a large organization and the agility to adapt to changing business processes and environments, helping you put any strategy into operation.

Why AKA?

From financial services to governments or any industry in the public or private sector, we understand the issues that make an enterprise implementation unique. We have experience working with some of the world’s largest and most notable companies and organizations, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, one of the world’s most recognized brands in the bond market, and everything in between. The common thread:

  • We have expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as legacy systems such as Onyx and Satuit, so there’s no learning curve.
  • In addition to CRM, we have expertise in ERP solutions and more, providing a full complement of Microsoft Dynamics products with the flexibility and scalability to help you meet your objectives.
  • Project management is key to a successful enterprise implementation, and our project managers have a stellar reputation for managing complex implementations.
  • We understand the risk and exposure your organization is facing with a project of this size and scope, so we do everything in our power to minimize that risk. Our job is to make the transition so smooth that it creates no interruption whatsoever in your operations.

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