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Drive proactive fan interactions that foster loyalty and drive revenue through customer engagement with sports team management software by AKA

Create repeatable programs, increase performance, and improve service levels to drive ticket sales and renewals

The AKA team offered great advice regarding the implementation of CRM Online. But more importantly, they took the time to understand our business and our sales data, enabling them to truly advise us so that we were able to meet our targets and exceed our Account Executives’ expectations...

Lesley Torrell, Sr. Director of Digital & Database Marketing, Memphis Grizzlies.

In professional sports, success is measured by the ability to develop a personal relationship with your fans that inspires ongoing involvement with your team. Each event is its own “best in class” experience that has to leave your fans wanting more.

Creating those powerful experiences demands knowing each customer and what drives them. One size does not fit all: Individual ticket buyers want one thing, while sponsors, groups, and suite purchasers each have their own requirements. But they all support their team, and they all want their team to understand them.

Know your data, know your fans

To generate effective targeted marketing and sales campaigns that drive real results, you need to develop a profile of each customer’s entire buying experience. Information is available in various sources and formats, but how do you gather, access, and analyze it to develop actionable and repeatable programs that deliver real results? How can you then improve the customer’s onsite experience to build and maintain a strong and loyal customer base?

Communication and data management is key. AKA’s CRM for Professional Sports, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, streamlines the flow of data and the way you communicate with your fans, as well as how you collaborate internally. With CRM for Sports, you can manage outreach performance and improve service to enhance your fans’ experience and increase ticket sales and renewals.

Features that streamline sports marketing and sales operations

CRM for Professional Sports offers the following features, designed to boost marketing and sales efforts, creating loyal fans across the board:

  • On premise or in the cloud – Support for either platform, so you can choose the best option for your needs, resources, and budget.
  • TicketMaster and integration – Seamless, automated integration of customer and purchase data from the leading ticketing solution providers creates a functional sales and marketing engine for targeting customers and building relationships.
  • Customer and ticket demographics and analytics – Analytics enables targeting of customers for a specific game, opponent, day of week, etc., allowing you to proactively offer products and experiences that you know your fans want to attend.
  • Ticket sales – Create renewal, sponsorship sale, suite sale, and individual/group game ticket opportunities to track customer conversations and experiences. Generate order forms and invoices directly from Sports CRM, eliminating the necessity of reentering customer address and purchase information.
  • Season ticket renewal engine – Create sales opportunities from customer invoices for tracking the renewal process. A renewal synchronization engine automatically updates individual opportunities as customers purchase their tickets, automatically closing “won” opportunities, so ticket sales reps can focus on the customers who need their attention. Automated thank-you emails can also be sent to those who have made a purchase.
  • Corporate family consolidation – Consolidate disparate customers into corporate “families” to see the total relationship across a corporation. While individual accounts are still important for direct customer interaction and renewals, the family consolidation supports more advanced prospecting across larger organizations. Furthermore, the families allow reps to take advantage of third party research tools like InsideView and LinkedIn for Dynamics CRM to better understand key relationships and contacts within their prospects.
  • Suite sales and inventory management – Provides a single location for selling and managing bookings to avoid reservation conflicts and tracks payments by providing a calendar view of suites (and other facilities or products) that can be leased during games.
  • Corporate sponsorship sales – Simplifies a complex sales process by providing the ability to create, manage, invoice, and track revenue from corporate sponsorships in a single master catalog.
  • Event management and registration – Out-of-the-box capabilities—from planning to outreach and invitation to automated registration from customer responses. Intuitive and powerful dashboards facilitate events management and reporting results.
  • Customer issue tracking – Simplifies the process of capturing, managing, and resolving customer issues before, during, and after a game.
  • Reports and dashboards – Leverages Dynamics CRM’s embedded dashboards to enable reps and managers to create customized “home pages” of all relevant information they require.
  • Consolidated contact information – Cleanse and merge customer contact information to provide a single view of all interactions across multiple ticket-purchasing accounts and buying locations. You can develop promotional marketing programs targeting specific customers and groups based on their unique buying cycles.

Why AKA?

Combined with deep technical knowledge, our expert team has years of experience working with the critical issues impacting the professional sports industry. CRM for Professional Sports, combined with other powerful Microsoft Dynamics technologies like ERP, have been successfully used by major professional teams including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Mariners, Florida Marlins, and Memphis Grizzlies.

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