CRM for Financial Services

Know your clients, keep them loyal. AKA helps firms build strong, enduring relationships.

Where do you want to take your firm? Will your clients go with you?

For wealth and asset managers as well as other financial services providers, client loyalty is paramount. With competition trying to snatch away your customers, you’re continuously looking for ways to deliver a superior product—better service, smarter advice, and something extra to show you’re watching out for their best interests. At the same time, you need to look to the future of your firm. Are the pieces in place to get you where you want to go?

DynamicsAdvantage CRM for Financial Services: Everything you need for the future

Legacy, home-grown, and point solutions can’t give you what you need to today’s demands. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage CRM for Financial Services solutions enable digital transformation within your firm to meet your business needs–entering new lines of business, doing business in new countries or with new currencies, and adding or changing processes to stay in compliance with internal or regulatory requirements. Solutions are available for:

Know every facet of your customers and prospects—from one, centralized location

Dealing with many third-party data providers on a daily basis is the nature of your business. Juggling all those systems is not.  How do you make intelligent, informed decisions without missing important information?  CRM for Financial Services breaks down the silos between systems to provide you with a comprehensive view of your customer—all the information you need, all in one place to make those decisions.

Keep your clients happy, keep them loyal

The cost of acquiring a new customer is higher than retaining one. Your clients must be the center of your business model. The key to keeping clients loyal is the ability to constantly evaluate your processes and find ways to deliver a better product. CRM for Financial Services has the operational simplicity and powerful, built-in functionality to support the requirements of your industry, as well as the flexibility to support you as you grow and adjust to a changing market.

Why AKA Enterprise Solutions?

We have experience delivering solutions to some of the world’s largest and most notable firms. We have that same expertise in CRM and how it can be applied to create an integrated solution that can consolidate multiple systems onto one platform. In addition to CRM, AKA has expertise in ERP solutions and more. Offering a full complement of Microsoft Dynamics products with the flexibility and scalability to help you meet your objectives,  your solution will help you use your resources to their fullest, resulting in satisfied clients and continued return on investment.

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