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Create better customer experiences with knowledge, empowerment, and consistent service Parature

Parature from Microsoft is a cloud-based solution that creates amazing customer experiences through a combination of knowledge management, self-service, and multi-channel interactions.

Knowledge Management

Help your team deliver the right answers at the right time with access to real-time answers. Parature’s knowledge management solution provides easy to create, easy to access content that can be delivered to your customer service employees as well as through your service channels to customers for real-time updates and deflection of frequently-asked-questions.


Empower your customers with a proactive, self-service portal, available 24/7. Parature’s customer self-service portal combines a custom-branded portal with Parature’s searchable knowledgebase, support ticketing and other multi-channel contact options including live chat to deliver real-time responses to your customers. With Parature’s portal, frequently asked questions are deflected from your live CSRs, and your customers are satisfied, too.

Multichannel Customer Service

Provide care everywhere with consistent service across all channels, including the web, social, mobile, live chat, and more. Parature’s multi-channel solution provides you with a unified, cloud-based, service desk that increases efficiency through consistent collection, management, and resolution of customer service issues.

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