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The Department of Veterans Affairs Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Bring Six Critical Services Programs into a Single System—Creating a Veteran-Centric Environment

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The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government-run military veteran benefit system. The VA employs nearly 280,000 people at hundreds of medical facilities, clinics, and benefits offices across the country, which administer programs for 22.2 million veterans. As veterans, family members, or survivors of veterans, about a quarter of the nation’s population is potentially eligible for VA benefits and services.


Find a case management solution that would provide a “holistic view” of each veteran—allowing case managers from different programs to provide prompt, consistent service

Accomplishing the VA’s mission involves many moving parts—programs, tools, and people in 50 regional offices around the world–and they were attempting to manage this effort without a centralized case management software system. Specifically, case managers in six non-clinical programs across two agencies were working with more than 100,000 seriously ill or injured veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn using a legacy system.

Each program’s data was in a silo, and critical data was being tracked in more than 13 source systems. The resulting lack of visibility and poor communications was causing inefficiencies. They needed a centralized system that would present “one view” of each veteran so case managers could utilize information from all programs, creating a seamless experience for the veteran.

System Requirements

  • Integrate with other agencies’ data and the VA legacy applications into a single location to improve care coordination
  • Create a single care plan that allowed case managers to collaborate across programs and manage goals with the veteran
  • Automate common case management tasks
  • Enhance tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing for more informed decisions and reporting of success
  • Increase the transparency of services and benefits available to veterans through a self-service interface


They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of its ability to handle the complex requirements of case management, as well as its flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and ability to provide business process automation and link with other data systems to provide a single user interface to the case managers. Microsoft then introduced the VA to Green Beacon (which merged with AKA in 2016) as an implementation partner because of their years of experience with Dynamics CRM and depth of knowledge in building enterprise case management solutions that support multiple lines of business.

“The VA was looking for domain knowledge, facilitation and integration expertise to ensure successful delivery and customer satisfaction for our key stakeholders. They found it with AKA.”

Matthew Beaumont
Vice President, Public Sector


Through collaboration with the VA and the prime contractor, Green Beacon built the Federal Case Management Tool (FCMT), replacing the majority of the legacy system. Through a series of coordinated phases and releases, the team migrated data and released functionality to support four programs within the VA. This phased consolidation of data, features, and users reduced risk and ensured the greatest level of support and training for end users.

The new system brought critical care information from 13 systems to the fingertips of case managers, as well as self-service portal support to servicemembers, veterans and family members. FCMT also interfaced with the Department of Defense case management systems to provide case and client details for DoD case managers, which assisted in seamless transfer of care between the two agencies.


The FMCT solution now supports more than 1,500 case managers and other users who provide services and care to more than 100,000 seriously ill and injured veterans and service members worldwide. The system was piloted as one of the first inter-agency solutions for care management between the DoD and VA.

The efficiencies implemented through the Dynamics CRM solution have contributed to the support of veterans by tracking case details and pertinent information to each of the programs and allowing them to easily share this information across programs, not only to preserve data integrity and accuracy, but to enhance the veteran’s experience.

The VA was recognized with the award for Industry Excellence in the Public Sector acknowledging public organizations that achieve success using Microsoft Dynamics. The award was given to the VA due to their impact in improving case management and care coordination for service members and veterans.

System Benefits

  • Essential capabilities, such as rules, workflows, tasks, calendaring, alerts, and mapping, that are easily configured to meet specific program needs
  • Consolidation of data systems, reducing redundant data entry and errors
  • A streamlined interface in a user-friendly environment
  • Workflow automation that eases the process of data entry, case assignments, and determining eligibility
  • Ability of veterans to view their personalized recovery plans through the eBenefits website, decreasing wait times
  • Ad hoc reporting, charts, and dashboards that assist in daily client management and performance metric monitoring
  • Workflow automation that eases the process of data entry, case assignments, and determining eligibility

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