Minitab Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Strengthen Enterprise Business Structure, Improving Reporting and Coordinating Sales, Subscription and Event Management, and Customer Support

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Minitab, headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania and with subsidiaries in the U.K., France, and Australia, is the leading provider of software and services for quality improvement and statistics education. More than 90% of Fortune 100 companies use Minitab Statistical Software, and more students worldwide have used Minitab to learn statistics than any other package.


Find a CRM solution that would serve as the foundation for enterprise-level software company with a large subscription base.

Minitab had been using Onyx CRM to support the bulk of operations and 500+ employees, but the system was becoming cost-prohibitive and difficult to support. Minitab was forced to adjust many of its processes to accommodate the software, creating a labyrinth that was nearly impossible to navigate or understand.

They needed a CRM system that could support enterprise operations–not only sales, service, and customer support, but also training event management, tracking of subscriptions and licensing, and a product catalog with thousands of SKUs.  The solution also needed to integrate with a web solution with a customer support portal, an online store, and a system for activating subscriptions and licenses.

Other Challenges:

  • Complexity of the system made reporting extremely difficult
  • Support was expensive and difficult due to lack of resources
  • Could not support event and subscription management


Minitab considered upgrading Onyx but quickly discarded that option because they knew it could not handle their needs. They also considered SalesForce CRM; however, it was important that they work with a company whose culture was in sync with theirs. They liked Microsoft Dynamics CRM and had engaged AKA in the past on an Onyx project. Not only had the project been successful, but the two companies worked very well together, fostering an open, honest, respectful relationship focused on mutual success.

  • Track and manage subscriptions and licensing of software.
  • Integrate with multiple systems, including a web portal and downstream accounting system.
  • Make it easier to access data and create accurate reports.
  • Allow Minitab to operate using its logical business processes, rather than conforming to the system.


A detailed analysis inventorying features in use, data usage, use cases, user patterns, integrations, and reports used for operational needs was the first step to ensure a clear plan for migrating in a logical order and total continuity of operations.

Another critical area was data migration. Data not only included information on thousands of customers, but also the company’s extensive product catalog–with thousands of SKUs–as well as event and sales information on licensing and subscriptions bccause CRM was being used as a transactional system. This added up to a tremendous amount of data that needed to be prepared for migration.


Dynamics CRM replaced Onyx as Minitab’s operational platform. The company was able to return to using its business processes, streamlining operations and improving reporting.

In enterprise implementations, project management is critical to success. Minitab–as a fellow software company–was so impressed with the project management performance that they have now implemented many of the same processes in their operations.

  • Automated and streamlined event planning, creating visibility for marketing outreach
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by eliminating an outdated legacy system
  • Modeled business processes within the new system, increasing visibility, streamlining operations, and improving productivity and reporting

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