Take advantage of powerful new features and functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Trust the experts at AKA with a smooth CRM upgrade.

Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics CRM with confidence

Each new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM introduces more powerful functionality. But, along with the allure of the latest and greatest version of a software, comes the concern of how the upgrade process will impact your business. Will the benefits of upgrading outweigh the headaches? Is an upgrade worth it?

If you have the right partner handling your upgrade, this should never have to be a question.

Our approach: Fit the process to your business

If you’ve been through an upgrade before or talked to other Microsoft Dynamics partners, they might tell you that they use a specific methodology—often either Agile or Waterfall—for managing an upgrade. These are both valid and well-respected approaches, and AKA has certified experts in each.

However, no two businesses are alike.  So, it stands to reason that no two CRM upgrades will look the same either. That’s why we begin every upgrade engagement by taking the time to understand how your business works—not just your processes, but also your culture. We don’t come in with a “we do it this way” attitude. We recommend a methodology after we’ve gained a better understanding of your business.

Is it an upgrade or a re-implementation?

Another question to consider…Is your project is really an upgrade? Once we have completed an assessment of your current system, integrations, and processes, we will let you know what to expect. Sometimes we will recommend a different approach—a re-implementation.  When a system is significantly out of date, it is often more efficient and cost effective to install the new version of software, migrate your data, and update your customizations (where necessary) along the way.

Other upgrade factors to consider

If you are considering a Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrade, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How long will your system be down as we cut over to the new version?  Most companies are concerned about downtime during a “cutover.” A typical cutover should be able to occur on a weekend, when downtime has minimal impact. However, some organizations require zero downtime, which we have been able to accomplish.
  • How old is your current system? Upgrading from an older version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM may require several iterations as you move forward to the current version. Also, are you moving from an on-premise system to an online version?  Each step requires planning to ensure the upgrade has as little impact on your organization as possible.
  • What about customizations? Newer versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM now come with out-of-the-box features that may eliminate or minimize the need for customizations. As part of our upgrade process, we will analyze your current customizations to determine what can go and what needs to be brought forward. Our job is to ensure you do not lose functionality and that, whenever possible, you can use the features inherent within Dynamics CRM. Another important consideration is future growth and change. We always work to ensure your system has the scalability to evolve with your organization.
  • Will you receive training on new features and functions? Your employees will need to know what new features will be available to them how to use them. We train your team before the cutover so everyone can be productive from day one. Ultimately, the goal is to upgrade your CRM system with as little risk, as little downtime, and as little impact on your organization as possible.

Ultimately, we know the goal is to upgrade your CRM system with as little risk, as little downtime, and as little impact on your organization as possible. We take the time to thoroughly understand how the upgrade will both impact and benefit your organization before we begin the process. We will advise you on the safest migration path so that your upgrade is seamless, with minimal impact on your employees and your business.

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