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If your current system isn’t giving you what you need,
it’s time for a change

Our migration from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM remains the only consultant-led project that finished on time and on budget.

Brent Leadbetter - Vice President of Client Strategies, Research Affiliates

Your existing CRM system — or the system you’re using to manage your prospects, customers, partners, constituents, or cases—isn’t working anymore. But you’ve invested a lot of money and resources into it, and all your data is there. All your business processes are geared around it. Your people are accustomed to it, and you know there will be an impact to the business if you convert to a new one.

But if your current CRM system is holding you back—keeping you from growing or attaining other strategic goals, becoming more difficult and expensive to support, or has lost performance, then it’s time for a change.

What if you could make that change without all that risk?

Smooth CRM migrations without all the risk

We understand the hesitation about migrating off a system you’ve been depending on for years. Even if it’s not doing what you need it to do, at least you know what you’re dealing with. With a new system, are you going to give up functionality? Are you going to lose productivity training your staff new ways to do things—or even change business processes? And what about cost? And then there is the downtime involved in switching over to a new system. This all adds up to risk and pain.

We are well-known for our conservative and low-risk approach to investments that deliver consistent and dependable returns for our clients. Abandoning Onyx CRM was a high-risk project that we did not undertake lightly. We needed a partner we could trust and who could deliver, on time and on budget. We found that partner.

Executive Vice President of CRM at Global Investment Management Firm

At AKA, we are seasoned experts at handling even the most complex migrations from legacy CRM systems, such as Onyx and Satuit, as well as other business applications that aren’t able to perform as promised, like Salesforce.com. We’re successful with migrations because:

  • We have expertise in both your existing software and Dynamic CRM. We are experts in Onyx, Satuit, and many other systems, so there’s no learning curve. More importantly, we can look at complex business processes in your existing system and understand them much more quickly, which enables us to determine how best to develop complimentary CRM functionality in your new Dynamics CRM system.
  • Before we do anything, we listen. Just as we do with new implementations or CRM upgrades, we listen to you first, before anything else, to understand your business, your processes, your challenges, and your goals. We want to know what your system is doing now that you want to keep in place, what it’s not doing, and what you’d like to see your new system do.
  • We involve you from the start. To make sure your new system is the right fit, we involve you from the start, working collaboratively every step of the way.
  • We protect your existing data. There should be no question that your data is secure and that there is a solid plan to move it to the new system. This can get very complicated when dealing with large volumes of data, but we’ve done it many times, and we’re very good at it. You can be confident that your data will be moved, intact, into your new system, ready to go when the system goes live.
  • We minimize the impact on your organization. It might be hard to believe, but even with the most complex, enterprise-wide migrations, we’ve managed the transition so smoothly that it felt like any other business day. That’s our goal: minimal—if any—impact on business operations.
  • We ensure parity…and more. Most companies migrating to a new CRM system are hoping for parity; that is, they want the same functionality they have currently and hope not to lose any. We certainly agree—but we think a shiny new CRM solution should offer the opportunity for improvements. When we do our initial analysis, we’ll look at your existing system and suggest opportunities to optimize your new solution, taking into consideration your current processes as well as your strategic goals.
  • We think about the future:  Your new CRM solution is an investment, so you want it to stay with you for a long time. When we plan your migration, we do it with scalability in mind, designing a solution that will meet your needs now and in the future.

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