Camille Jetzer

Manager, CRM Delivery

Where did you grow up?

I’m a Massachusetts transplant – and a proud ‘Mainer’ at heart! My early years were spent a stone’s throw from Sunday River resort in South Paris, Maine. After 6th grade, however, I truly lived the Mainer life on the top of a mountain in central Maine with a mile to our closest neighbor and a mile and a half to the school bus stop. We often spent snow storms walking up the quarter-mile long, steep driveway when the vehicle just couldn’t make it.

Where did you go to college?

I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts. Although I started my college career as a computer science major and work in software now, I actually have a BS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, which I will apparently never use!

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

One year, my sister and I dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. She even sewed the names on the shirts for us. The costumes were great, but what really made it was that she mistakenly sewed “Tweedle Dee” on both, so we joked that she was by default Tweedle Dum!

What is your favorite food?

Can I answer this with a simple “YES”? Truth is, I just love food. I love to cook it, I love to eat it, I love the memories it invokes and the environment it can create.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I’d have to say it’s a tie between two things: the people I interact with every day and the feeling of accomplishment when we take a vision or a concept through to fruition and can see the positive impact the resulting product makes for not only the users, but also the space those users are working in. I’ve had the opportunity to work on building tools that are truly making a difference in people’s lives – and that’s really meaningful to me.


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