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Are you looking for a company that has a stellar reputation and can offer you growth opportunities with a team you’ll feel privileged to work with…AND understands that there is life outside of work? You’ve found it.


I enjoy being surrounded by brilliant individuals who are willing to help and guide me, to continue our success.

Alexis Zakala - Associate Consultant, Delivery

You’re a talented professional—maybe a CRM consultant or developer, maybe a marketing or sales professional—looking for just the right opportunity. What does that look like to you?

If it’s a company that’s not so big you don’t know all your co-workers, but not so small that you worry about the future—a company that thrives on doing quality work and making clients happy, but also making sure its people are happy, too—then AKA just might be that opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Since we opened our doors, we’ve been on a steady growth path. We think there are several reasons for this.

Lunch at Green BeaconFirst, we’re a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and CRM specialists. We focus on delivering solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have built a strong reputation across several industries, as well as in the Microsoft network, for doing excellent work, understanding the needs of our clients, being adaptive, and creating solutions that tackle their challenges.

Second, we have an amazing group of people who truly enjoy working together and enjoy doing what they do.  Also, we know how important it is to make “work” a place you want to be—but when it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home. We have always encouraged a work-life balance, and so far, it hasn’t gotten in the way of our success.

I enjoy thinking outside of the box and building a better experience for users, plus having a good time while doing it.

Sudhakar Deenadayalan - Senior Consultant, Delivery

Discover what it’s like to love where you work

  • So…when we say “work-life balance,” this is what we mean: You need to work, but you also need to live.
  • We offer very competitive benefits, including insurance, flexible spending accounts, a retirement 401(K) plan, paid time off, and 10 paid holidays (along with a rockin’ annual employee party).
  • We encourage collaboration and independence, flexibility and best practices. Yes, it’s possible to do both and both! Collaboration among smart people produces better results, but we embrace the individuality of each employee and give them the latitude to do their job in the manner that suits them. However, we always look to our experience for best practices to ensure our clients get excellent results.Breakfast-at Green Beacon
  • We’re also flexible in other ways. Because people have different obligations and schedules, we offer flex time.
  • We keep you nourished – mentally and physically!  There’s always free coffee and soft drinks in the kitchen, free breakfast on Fridays, potlucks, and catered gatherings from time to time.  And, of course, our people enjoy going out for lunch—we’re surrounded by lots of great restaurants.
  • We recognize achievements and do so every chance we get! If you’re shy, we’re sorry—you’re going to get called out! We also recognize great work through our bonus programs.
  • We want you to continue to grow, so we encourage and financially support training and professional development.
  • Our offices are in great communities—surrounded by great restaurants and great areas to live (if moving is in your plans)—and we’re proud to be a part of each of them.

Visit our career portal to learn about current opportunities and to submit your resume. We just might be that company you’ve been looking for.

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Visit our career portal to learn about current opportunities and to submit your resume. We just might be that company you’ve been looking for.

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We specialize in providing solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our goal: collaborating with our clients to put their strategies into operation.

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