Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Drive business performance, measure financial effectiveness, and make better decisions that deliver real results! 

Successful organizations need the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help employees work more productively, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure that they make the most of their assets and resources. Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) provides these capabilities to smaller organizations with a few employees to businesses with thousands of employees and locations spanning the globe. 

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Tens of thousands of customers of all sizes use Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions to help run their key business operations. Why? Because these solutions are: 

  • Easy to Use - Microsoft ERP solutions work in a familiar environment which helps you spend less time training, reduces IT staff administration and maintenance, and gives people access to information faster so they can make better business decisions.
  • Designed to Fit Seamlessly with Existing IT Systems - Use an ERP solution that inherently integrates and extends the value of products and technologies in which you've already invested, such as Windows, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office and even SharePoint Server. 
  • "Future Proofed" - Microsoft's ERP solution fits your industry, company size and budget - and grows with your organization. No other ERP software has the flexibility, breadth, or depth of functionality that Microsoft Dynamics ERP has today.   

Microsoft Dynamics AX works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automates and streamlines business processes and helps you connect with your global customers, business partners and subsidiaries in a way that ensures your business success.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Areas:

enterprise resource planning (erp)